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"Thank you for the information it does help a lot. I do know how lucky we are to have found the build sheet.  Thanks again for your help I appreciate it so much." - Margaret M. - from DataTagDecoder.Com Contact Us form.
"Just got a pic from a tag on a '70SS I'm buying... your decoder worked perfectly. And thankfully... the car seems original everything so far. Now on to the engine/trans/rear end/ etc. Thanks for posting this decoder." - Tims70 - from Chevelles.com
"Thank you very much, this is very helpful." - Steve C. - from TeamBuick.Com
"Thank you very much for providing this great resource!!" - CTR - from ClassicOldsmobile.Com
"Great job! Lots of effort goes into building this. Thanks for your contributions" - Vintage Chief - from ClassicOldsmobile.Com