How To

  1. Select Year starting at the top left (ST - STYLE)
  2. Select GM Division in second drop down (1=Chevy, 2=Pontiac, etc.)
  3. Select Body Number (BDY - BODY)– 4 digit code
  4. Select Assembly Plant code
  5. Enter Body Number
  6. Select Month Code (1-12), then Week Code (A-E)
  7. Select Trim (TR - TRIM) Number and Seat Code suffix if present
  8. Select Paint Codes (PNT - PAINT) in drop downs 1 and 2, Enter Wheel Color Code in drop down 3 if present (Note: Non-US model 3rd color codes denote Stripe Color)
  9. Select Accessory (ACC) Codes, Select single letters or a 3-digit alphanumeric RPO codes
  10. Select Top code if present
  11. Enter bottom numeric strings if present
  12. Hit Continue to decode!