To Clone or not to Clone

When people outside of the collector car community hear the word "Clone" they think of sheep, a bad science fiction movie or genetically modified foods.  Good or bad, cloning is everywhere.

For those in our community, cloning simply means taking a car that was not special and turning it into something that it never was.  For the most part, I really don't mind cloned cars as long as they are publicized as such.  The art of cloning can range everwhere from throwing a paint job and a couple of emblems on a car to a meticulous detail clone where everything "looks" as it would if it was the real deal.  For those who have done an el cheapo paint and stripe job, I say to you; Find another hobby!  Nothing bothers me more than someone who tries to pass off a stripped down Chevelle that orginally came with a 6-cylinder and no chrome and then by the virtue of them throwing a big block in it and a couple of SS emblems on it and then trying to convince everyone, including themselves, that it is a real Chevelle SS.

On to those who have done a frame-off restoration of the same 6-banger Chevelle and recreate in every detail, down to stamping the firewall with an inspectors rubber stamp, I say nice job!  At the very least you can say to that person that they tried to create something that would suit their taste.  Even if they call it a "Clone" or "Tribute" most of us can appreciate the fact that the time, effort, and money to build exactly what they would have had if they had purchased it brand new from the showroom floor in 1969.  Plus there is the extra bonus of them saying, "Yeah, it's not the real deal," but unless you starting looking at VIN's, Cowl Tags, and drivetrain stampings, most would never know the difference.

Let's face it, when it come to cars, especially muscle cars and limited productions, unless you are Jay Leno, you probably can't find the genuine article and if you did, you may not have the 5-6 figure cash just laying around for a COPO Camaro.  If you do...I would like to be your best friend!