Frequently Asked Questions

What is DataTagDecoder.Com?

  • DataTagDecoder.Com is a unique site that provides the ability for the classic car collector and enthusiasts to decode cowl tags on most General Motors vehicles.

Where do we get information from?

  • We strive to collect the most accurate data from a number of sources including General Motors documents and other collections both online and on paper.

Is DataTagDecoder.Com affiliated with General Motors?

  • This information is provided as guidance Only and is not affiliated with General Motors or it's affiliates or divisions.

How do I use DataTagDecoder.Com

  • Select your cowl tag design and using the provided drop down data items, select what you see on your cowl tag and submit for a decoded result.

How can I contribute to DataTagDecoder.Com?

  • You can contribute to DataTagDecoder.Com either financially or by providing accurate data to us via email.

Can I upload my cowl tag?

  • Yes, you can share your cowl tag with us and we will upload the image and the results of what the decoder provided.

Where can I get a replacement cowl tag?

  • DataTagDecoder.Com does not provide duplicated or replacement cowl tags, but there are a few companies on the Internet that provide this service.  Before you get a new cowl tag, read this article before you make your decision.

What is the difference between a Trim Tag, Cowl Tag, Fender Tag, and Body Tag?

  • All of these terms are interchangeable for the most part.  The term "Fender Tag" is usually associted with MOPAR but they all more or less serve the same function by presenting build details from the assembly plant.

What data tags can you decode?

  • We can decode all General Motors vehicles from 1964 to 1972 (excluding trucks) with more years coming in the future.

What if a code is missing or incorrect?

  • If there is a code missing or you feel that the data presented to you is missing or incorrect, you can email us and provide solid documentation for the code you wish to add.  All code change submissions are vetted using the best documentation available.  Your uncle Chuck saying so is not proof, a scanned General Motors document is.

Do you only decode GM trim tags?

  • At this time we only provide decoding for General Motors products.

Are you planning on expanding the years that can be decoded?

  • Absolutely!  We are planning on not only expanding our available years back, but also forward depending on demand.

Are you planning on having a decoder for Ford or Mopar?

  • There are a number of very good Ford decoders on the Internet.  Mopar is one that we have considered and may tackle at some point.

Are you planning on having a decoder for other cars like imports etc.?

  • Not at this time.

Why aren’t Canadian or European tags included in the decoder?

  • Those are on the road map.  Canadian tags are relatively easy, European are a little more challenging, but yes we are planning on those as well.

Why are there so many differences in tag design?

  • Ask GM!  There were subtle differences between divisions, assembly plants and years, but around 1971-72, GM standardized most of the tags.  Cadillac maintained their own design for some time after.

My tag design does not match.  What do I do?

  • As stated above, there was little standardization and a lot of variability in design depending on GM division, year, and assembly plant.  We recommend that you choose the closest design we offer, that should work just fine.  We tried to capture the most common designs, but if there is a design that is more prevalent than we anticipated, we may add the design in the future.

Are all codes shared between GM divisions?

  • Yes, and no.  Many of the accessory (ACC) codes were shared between divisions, but not all.  When GM decided to use Regular Production Option (RPO) codes in place of ACC codes, data became more standardized.

What if the decoder doesn’t work online?

  • There are a few possibilities as to why the decoder would not work.  We don’t anticipate any extended outages, but we do have some Internet browser criteria for the best user experience.  You can view our requirements here.  At this time we require that you use a computer that is connected to the Internet.  We do not offer an “off-line” or “stand alone” version of DataTagDecoder.Com.

Are you planning on publishing an Andriod or iPhone App?

  • We are toying with developing a ‘stripped down’ version of the decoder on mobile devices, however getting so much information on such a small screen is difficult.  This decoder can be used on tablets.

Can you decode VIN’s?

  • No, we do not decode VIN’s.  There are many Internet resources out there to accommodate your needs.

How can I tell if my cowl tag and/or vehicle is a fake?

  • DataTagDecoder.Com is not really in the business of vehicle authentication.  We can only decode what you present so there is no way for us to tell if your car is a “real” Chevelle SS, or Oldsmobile 442, or Buick GS, etc. 

Do you offer an RPO Decoder?

  • Yes!  We will be offering an RPO Decoder very soon that includes the L engine codes by division.

How can I contact you?

  • You can contact us by clicking here.

How can I get notified about code updates?

  • You can subscribe to our update email list, following us on Facebook, and on Twitter.  You can also keep track of updates on our side by clicking here.